In my last post I had a hard time categorizing Ariel Rebel. Now I think I am going back to back with Madison from FTV Girls. With a pair of cotton print panties and a matching bra it is hard not to see her fitting into the total jailbait category. In reality Madison is not 18 years old, nor is she a solo model. So I think I am going to be putting her into the coed babes category. But wait… I can’t. When guys click on the coed babe category they are expecting to see a bunch of hot babes in that category. Not somebody that looks like a little girl in panties washing her daddy’s car.

OK… It is final. I am putting this FTV Girls coed babe into the total jailbait category based on looks and what is likely to be somebody out there’s sick fantasy about banging the little hottie next door. At least I hope they are going next door.