It is 2am and the ghetto bird is in full effect outside. I can hear sirens and dogs answering them. Then suddenly all of that goes away. I am lost in the canyon of Hardcore Mandy‘s ass. Fuck the real world. This one is much more soothing. I think I will stay a while and see what pops up.



It looks like Mandy is taking a little time out of her hectic day as well. Her favorite way to shed the daily grind is to grind a vibrator inside her vagina. Looks like today is going to be all of our lucky days.


What is this? Hardcore Mandy is bisexual? Say it ain’t so!


Goddamn that is one heck of a peach. Hardcore Mandy is one of those solo models that goes solo and… wait… wait for it… does hardcore. Each new week brings a new video and picture set. Some weeks are solo, some have other girls and a grip of them are of Mandy enjoying the cock!