In order to look this good as a plumper a girl has to have a good set of genes. There are many reason to like, or not to like, a girl of this size and caliber. For me it all boils down to enjoying the extreme. In this case the extremely large. I am the type of guy that drives right on the cusp of hydroplaning in a rain storm. I know exactly how much gas I can give before the car is going to lose control. As the conditions vary I know where to leave the accelerator.

So when it comes to women I like the plumpers with good genetics like Terri Jane. She is as big as a girl can get without having issues most girls of this girth would have. Her tits are ginormous. Notice she has tan lines. If I were at a Vegas hotel and this BBW was at the pool I’d be leaving a mess for the cleaning crew all over the window sill in my room.

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