So I have this girl I am dating and she has this wicked idea. She wants to show me how she masturbates and then I will show her how I masturbate. This girl goes first and she whips out her iPhone. Apparently she has a masturbation app that pulses and does other stuff to give her a mind blowing orgasm. Only, instead of putting it on her pussy she leaves her panties on. I call shenanigans saying that we should be able to see the other person’s genitals. She says she should be able to leave them on otherwise it is too intense and she can’t go through with it. Fuck it! Show me the orgasm!

Now you know why Catie Minx is wearing some panties above. Those Hitachi vibrators can be extremely abusive to a girls private parts. The strange thing for Catie is that she likes to wear boys underwear and she prefers it to have a super hero theme. WTF?

And here you thought you were weird for trying on your girlfriends panties. You also probably denied having done so when she asked about them being a little stretched out. What you didn’t realize is that she also tried on your underwear. Had you come clean you could have had a sweet sexual experience between the two of you. Instead she broke up with your lying ass.



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