In my last post about Sweet Natural Girl we juggled three girls on one site. Now we will juggle three girls on three different sites with even more sites in the network pass!

I guess we should go from left to right here. The first blonde is Little Laney. She is a mischievous blonde with long thin legs and small tits. She knows men of all ages want into her teen panties and she isn’t afraid to take advantage of that fact. Her kissing buddy is Little Lexie. She too is a blonde with small tits. Lexie is more of a follower. She is also a tri-sexual; she will try anything once. Or twice. Or three times. Lastly, the brunette getting a kick out of the kiss is Young Yasmin. She is also a bit of a follower. Her parents don’t like her hanging out with these two “bimbos,” but she is 18 years old so they can’t tell her what to do.

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