This is a little story about my best friend’s little sis. Her name is Chloe and she can be found on the solo model site This girl has always flirted with me and part of me has always wondered if she has some kind of crush on me or what? When I have a couple of beers I get it into my head to find out if it is more than just an infatuation. When I am sober I think about how pissed I’d be if her brother fucked my sister.

Anyway. Chloe is always having cute friends of hers over. They often do a lot of giggling when they are in her room together. Sometimes they will be super quiet for a few seconds to as long as thirty seconds and then bust out laughing. Then get quite again for about the same amount of time.

After a while I began to come up with theories on why they were quiet and about what they thought was so amusing. I wondered if perhaps they were playing each others private parts and then busting up at the weirdness of it all.

One day I decided to find out what was up with this girl and her friends. When Chloe and her friend Topanga got into the shower together I jimmied the lock on the door to let myself in. Sure enough the girls were in the shower making out while rubbing soap all over each others boobs! I knew it!!!

After about a minute the girls released their lip-lock and started giggling. That is when they turned towards me and gasped at having had somebody catch them. I reached down and undid my zipper, pulling out my cock. They watched with wide eyes as I began to stroke it. They looked at each other and cocked their heads like it was okay before kissing again. Only now they kept their eyes open and tried to watch me jerking myself off.

Chloe stepped back from Topanga and washed the soap off of her friend’s boobs. Then she bent down and sucked on her nipples. This made me pick up my pace jerking off which in turn led to Chloe reaching down to play with Topanga’s pussy. Topanga’s eyes shut as her pussy began to feel better and better. She slowly flopped back until she was sitting on the shower step behind her. Chloe got onto her hands and knees licking Topanga’s clit with her tongue. I needed to cum and shot my load onto the towel they had stretched out on the floor just as Topanga began to cum as well. She put her hands on either side of Chloe’s head. I couldn’t tell if she was pulling it in tighter or trying to push it away, or alternating between both. Her legs clamped shut and she moved her hands to Chloe’s forehead to get her to stop as her clit had become ticklish after her orgasm subsided.

Both girls looked down at the cum on the towel. I think they were surprised by the amount I had shot out. I was surprised by the amount I had shot out. It felt like tubing was going to spurt out with it!

Chloe asked if I still had more in there as she looked down at my now soft prick. Before I could say yes she pulled Topanga out of her spot on the seat and sat down in her place. Topanga got on all four and began trailing her soft tongue up and down Chloe’s soft pussy lips. When she flicked passed her clit Chloe would jump a bit. As she jammed it up her vulva Chloe would close her eyes and relax a bit.

My cock started getting hard and I started stroking it. This time I moved up so I was standing just outside the shower open shower door. As I stroked away to the sight of two teen girls lapping pussy my cock got stiff as a board again. Chloe bent towards me and I put a foot up on the shower partition so I could bring my cock to her mouth. Her warm lips and soft tongue felt like nothing I had ever felt before. They were so soft and warm my nuts wanted to explode right then and there. Somehow I managed to hold off until Chloe also began to cum.

As I watched her body spasm my balls began to spasm as well. Huge globs of cum hit Chloe in the face and when she cocked her head back in ecstasy I pointed some more shots to her tits. When her orgasm subsided Topanga kissed her up her body until she got to her tits and noticed I had cummed on them. After a little hesitation she bent in and lapped it up. Then she moved up to her face and lapped it up from her cheeks and her chin. Then they kissed and shared my cum between the two of them. After several seconds they separated and busted up laughing. Only this time I was also laughing with them. Just as I had suspected their laughter was the nervous laughter teenage girls have when they are having sex!

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