Asian webcam girls

This will probably be the longest post I have ever made on my blog. I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret that the webcam industry doesn’t want you to know. This example with use various sites as examples so you can follow along on your end. To pull this off you need either a computer or a smart phone, which you must have because you are reading this. Next you need to get a free account. Start with Chaturbate. It is going to ask you for a username, a password, your Email address and I think it now asks you for your date of birth. Notice you don’t actually have to enter your Email address. Only do that if you think you will forget your password. But then you can just make another free account if you do!

Now that you are set up there do the same thing now at

Okay. Now go back to Chaturbate and open some cams into new windows or tabs. Not sure about the keyboard shortcut for opening a link into a new window, but hold CTRL key and click the girls picture to open them in tabs. Because you have a free account you can open as many tabs as you’d like. The girls will be in various stages of dress. Flip through the tabs looking for nude ones that are masturbating. Now you are watching free shows!

You will notice that you cannot chat in a lot of room though. To do that you have to buy $10 in tokens and then just never spend them. There are now rooms where they set it up so you cannot chat unless you have tipped at least once within 24 hours. Tip them 1 token and then you can chat all day. Since you will take days/nights off this should last you for 4 or 5 months of enjoying free cams with chat!

Now go back to and do the same thing for a sweet hookup on Asian cams you can watch for free.