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In life you can be the guy that performs services for the money man or you can be the money man having others do your bidding. I am going to tell you about ways you can change your life and be the money man by using online dating to increase the cash flow in your bank account.

As a successful blogger for over a decade I have seen a lot of money making ventures come and go. These days almost nobody pays for porn anymore. Just about the only two things they do pay for is online dating and live webcam sex. Everything else has went the way of the dodo bird. Sure, there are some fringe tangibles like sex toys that still sell, but even those are very affected by trends. One year it is all about the Fleshlight men’s sex toy and the next everybody is paying $100 a pop to shove fox tail furry butt plugs up their asses. With webcams and dating everything stays basically the same. People either want to meet somebody to fuck or do cybersex online.

With all of that said don’t you think it is time for you to become a Dating affiliate and get off of your bosses tit?