Love is a good feeling when someone loves you in return. Parents in bad relationships have brought some of us up, and we carry the experience we had in childhood to our adult relationships. Ideally, unhealthy relationship habits are wired into our culture, and we have lived to believe that nothing is wrong at all.

In this article, we point out some weird relationship habits that everyone should look forward to dropping to live happy with their loved ones. Read through for some tips on how to grow your relationship and love life.

Feeling insecure about your partner

Most people are in relationships that lack trust. It is surprising how people relate to each other as a couple when they cannot trust each other. Most marriages break because the couple cannot trust each other when they are apart. The idea of feeling insecure and searching to find out whether your partner is cheating on you whenever they are away will only worsen the trust they have in you. If you feel insecure being with someone but you trust your big booty sex dolls, then you are in for a big shock.

A belief that other people will make you happy

The notion that you will only be satisfied in a relationship when you find the right person is toxic. Relationships base on a give and take perception and only work if we both play our roles. Ideally, if you do not love yourself, then you cannot expect others to love you back. Love is inborn, and it begins when we try to show it to others. So, start loving yourself, and you will be shocked to find out how your partner loves you more than you thought.

Keeping scorecards

Keeping scores is another habit that most partners in a relationship feel is healthy but only makes their relationship toxic. If you still remind your partner of how they wronged you a decade ago, then your relationship cannot grow. Expect it to die soon. Keeping a catalog of the mistakes your partner makes is a toxic habit that you must refrain from if you want to enjoy being in a healthy relationship.

Indirect communication

Communication is key to building a lasting relationship. However, if you do not communicate with your partner directly, or expect them to understand how you feel, then you are likely to get hurt on the way. It is okay to tell your partner how you feel about them, what you want them to adjust, and how you want them to treat you. Being open and honest develops trust and mutual respect in a relationship.

Blame games

Ideally, your relationship is not going to be that smooth every day. We all have our bad days, but we must not blame anyone for how we feel. If you feel like your partner is not supportive when you come home from work, do not accuse them of not caring for you. Maybe they just had a worse day than yours.


Living a healthy relationship is about accepting your partner and working together to mold what the two of you have in common. It is the little things you do, like buying love dolls from Sexdollslove for your loved ones that make the difference. It is time to drop the five toxic habits mentioned here if you look forward to enjoying your relationship.