Ariel Rebel is one girl that is hard to pin down. How do you categorize a girl like her? When Ariel started she was total jailbait. As she got older she still looked like total jailbait, but fit in the the solo model category as well. Now she is technically a coed babe, however, she still looks like she is total jailbait!

I have been enjoying this girl since the golden age of solo models (2004). Back then there were so many of them it was hard to choose. made it really easy by pairing up with Andi Pink, Kristina Fey, Katie Fey, and Felicity Fey. When you get all of those girls for one low price the decision becomes easy. But that wasn’t enough for this little cutie. No, she had to go and add in more girls like Cofi Milan, Sandy Fair, Holli Paige and many more. Eighty girls and sites in all!

I think the evidence is incontrovertibly swaying things into Ariel’s favor. Why don’t you start clicking on those green links and see for yourself?


Oh what? You don’t like looking at teen booty? I bet you would lick that ass if she would let you.


I mean… come on?!?! Barely legal or coed babe?


Watch the video at and enjoy a new one each week. Ariel keeps her site updated and interacts with her members through her blog at Ariel Rebel Unplugged. Some of her fans of been sending in some pretty bad ass fan art.

Now I have to decide how to categorize this f’ing post!